Elemental Resources

Elemental programs have been designed to support teachers, home schoolers,
youth workers and group facilitators run educational workshops with children and young people.

All programs can be delivered in your current learning or play space, and at your own pace.

Elemental programs are different to other nature based or social change programs.

Our programs blend personal wellness, with earth stewardship and community action based on the understanding
that meaningful transformation is based on three principles – care for self, care for earth and care for each other.

Investing in an elemental program equips you with an activity journal for participants plus an instruction manual for the facilitator.

Once purchased, elemental programs are yours for life.

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Connecting with ourselves, earth and each other

Spirals is a program designed to connect participants with the elements of earth, air, water, fire and space. It has been designed for teachers and home school practitioners to lead nature-based activities with children and young people. 

Suitable for children 6-12 years old, the program will equip you with:
  • practical methods to connect with the, natural elements in your home, school, or play environment
  • functional tools to enhance wellbeing literacy of children
  • nature-based play and activity no matter your location
  • resources to make your school, home or play space inclusive of all shapes, sizes and abilities
Purchase complete digital product Complete program includes:
  • participant journal
  • facilitator manual

Inspire Me!

For young change makers

The Inspire Me! program has been designed to support young people aged 12-25 years transform their ideas into action. 

With a focus on personal wellness, over 30 pages of practical tools and resources will inspire young change-makers, collectives and youth organisations create programs based on principles of care - care for self, care for earth and care for each other. 

Full of games, activities and spaces to create, this program offers self-reflection and planning tools to create an exciting new world. 

Purchase digital product $110AUD

Love and Courage

For healthy relationships

It can be challenging for young people to navigate the world of relationships and healthy body image.

Love and Courage is a program designed to support young people aged 14-25 years to negotiate anger, personal boundaries and consent. It is also full of visual tools and practical activities for young people to challenge stereotypes of beauty and body image in meaningful ways. 

Purchase complete digital product Complete program includes:
  • participant journal
  • facilitator manual

I’m Not Racist, But...

Challenging race, power and privilege

I'm Not Racist, But... is a program that has been co-designed with teachers and young people in order to create safe spaces to talk about racism at school or work.

The program will equip you with:
  • practical tools to challenge stereotypes at school or work
  • support for self-reflection
  • movement-based activities that demonstrate power and privilege
  • three short films to inspire discussion
  • resources to make your school or workplace a 'Safer Space'

Purchase digital product

Purchase all elemental resources for $300

About the Program Designer

Annukina Warda

Annukina Warda is an educator, community development practitioner and social policy analyst whom has worked supporting communities in Australia and abroad.

Her passion project, Elemental Training and Consulting, offers a range of supports to the public and not-for-profit sectors in order to thrive.

Elemental resources are practical tools for children, young leaders and professionals to practice cultures of care, increase their connection to the earth and participate in communities in radically creative ways.

Annukina Warda holds an Arts degree majoring in Gender and Politics and a Graduate Diploma in Education.

About the Program Designer


Sometimes when you meet a person you just know that they’re genuine, and when I met Annukina I had that feeling. Over the years that we worked together I got to know a passionate, determined, intelligent and opinionated woman yet despite this she never imposed those opinions on us young folk. Instead she encouraged us to think and come to our own conclusions, and to go out in the world and do the best that we can in whatever we cared about. It was a privilege and a total game-changer to work with Annukina and I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to do so.

Benjamin Hammond, 20.

Annukina has facilitated programs that my children and I have attended. She has a great passion for the Aboriginal community and has a lot of insight to the needs that have to be met in the community. She is awesome to be around and the kids absolutely love her. She is very informed in all areas of community engagement and has done an amazing job with the programs we’ve been involved with.

Natalie Short, Mum.

Annukina Warda has sound and up-to-date knowledge when working with youth. Her work practices are both professional and approachable when working with young people.

Ian Escandor, Youth Worker, Ted Noffs Foundation

Annukina helped me explore a number of opportunities and always pushed me to reach my true potential. She’s a genuine, passionate teacher who is switched on about youth leadership. Safe to say I would not be where I am today without her help..

Abhi Arora, 14, Blacktown Youth Ambassador

In a world which often marginalises the thoughts and expressions of youth, working with Annukina was an incredibly fulfilling exercise in giving voice to young people once again. Annukina's open, collaborative approach to empowering youth was instrumental in helping the members of the Blacktown Youth Advisory Sub-Committee recognise and fulfil their potential to create positive change in our community and within ourselves.

Ammy Singh, 16.

Working with Annukina has been a pleasure in many ways. She is a very positive, energetic and passionate person. Working with her was enjoyable because I feel inspired by her. I think Annukina is a great community leader and is good at getting groups of people to work together towards something. She is a creative and open minded person who sees the good in others and her community. I can’t wait to work with Annukina again.

Rami Sedrak, 23, Edible Garden.